House Hunting 101


I’m the first to admit that finding a home is an incredibly stressful experience. It is an emotional rollercoaster especially in such a competitive market like Mt. Lookout and Hyde park. 

We started the hunt in Spring of 2018 and it took us a months to find "the perfect one." We found multiple homes we loved and put offers in, only to lose the home and start over again when new listings became available.


There will be things you need to compromise on, unless your budget is as high as they sky, or get you just get really lucky. My best advice is to make a list of must haves….a realistic list.  

Our priorities included:

1. Location, location, location.  (We wanted to stay within Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, and Columbia Tusculum).

2. Hardwood floors (We had ours refinished prior to moving in) 

3. Good layout (We wanted an office space, at 3-4 bedrooms, at minimum 2 bathrooms, and space we could work with) 

We have just recently moved in (and removed all unwanted pests, i.e. bats) and we are currently working hard on making this house a home.  I can’t wait to show you the after photos so you can see how much paint, lighting, some minor renovations and beautiful decor can transform a space. Seeing past the current appearance of a house can be challenging, but it can also open up more options for you to find the right one.  I’ve added a few of my inspiration photos so you can take a peek at my plans for our new home. And remember keep an open mind and look past things that can be changed!